A Hidden Sanctuary by Eidan Miana

Quiet branches crack and crumble as I gently venture
Verdant arms embrace me, swaying me into its trance
The calm hum of life fills the air
Rich and playful, the spirit of vitality

Bubbling creeks and streams lazily flow
Aquatic friends in no hurry
Nowhere in particular to go
Its azure eyes passionately glance
Reflecting the early sun’s warmth

Oh, a quiet meadow
Springing with life to my right
Gentle blossoms swinging in the wind
Rays of sun illuminating the understory

Venturing deeper and deeper
Each step lighter
Tranquility caressing my body
A transformation is in store
A mossy rock, invigorating growth on a stubborn shell

Distant roars of a grand waterfall
Steadily voicing louder and louder
What were once baby streams
Join together 
Uniting as a lively river

Gushes of sapphire bump the occasional grey
A break in the emerald canopy ahead
A rush of excitement

The towering falls rage down the cliffside 
Plunging into nature’s well
Above it more evergreens,
Their tops vivified by seraphic beams

A comfy blanket of mist covered the forest
Fairies from the heavens
Kissed everything it touched
They glided over the sapphire
Over the fertile ground
Through the intertwined branches

To reveal a hidden sanctuary

Eidan Miana is an aspiring scholar, naturalist, and journalist from San Diego, CA. He passionately writes environmental poetry and short fiction, illustrating scenes from coastal sunsets to emerald forests. When off-campus, he can be found hiking the local trails and taking in the Socal sunshine. In addition to Tiny Seed, his work can be read at The Mustang Journal, a small, independent journal he founded with his schoolmates.