Chilling Wind by Eidan Miana

snowy forest

Trees rocked in the wind

Swaying back and forth to nature’s tempo

Chirps of birds frantically poured

Winter air crashed upon my face

Harsh glacial gusts hammer 

Humbling each and every soul

To kneel before nature’s might

Reminding that no one can rebel against her firm hand

Frigid gusts rage around

But our mother isn’t only harsh

She blesses her followers and worshippers

With grace and warmth throughout the storm

Lashing defiance with bitter stings

While cradling us with thankful embraces

She means no harm to the innocent

Only wishing to squash the guilty

She takes good care of her children

Pure deer prancing amidst the tree trunks

Fluffy rabbits playing amidst the meadow’s dew

Affectionate and nourishing

A blanket of snow begins to fall

Filling the canvas a perfect white

Gracing us throughout the storm

A gift of love

While she shatters buildings

Humbles greed

And asserts her dominance 

Over the conceited

She relishes those who appreciate her

Walking with serenity

Showering us with mercy and affection

Rewarding her defenders for their loyalty

Poem by Eidan Miana

Eidan Miana is an aspiring scholar, naturalist, and journalist from San Diego, CA. He passionately writes environmental poetry and short fiction, illustrating scenes from coastal sunsets to emerald forests. When off-campus, he can be found hiking the local trails and taking in the Socal sunshine. In addition to Tiny Seed, his work can be read at The Mustang Journal, a small, independent journal he founded with his schoolmates.