nature blue meadow plant

Knots of the tiniest blue flowers like pinpricks from the sky,
A summer sky, of the purest, most perfect blue.
Shy, modest, hiding in cracks and crevices, by hedgerows, in yards.
In parking lots, alley ways -the flotsam and jetsam of the floral world.
Symbol of loyalty and faithfulness, a living sapphire in unexpected places,
Tucked into the ribbon of an Easter bonnet, posies in the hands of girls.
The colour of a lover’s eyes, blue of the ocean or a wood of bluebells.
The very essence of a sunlit morning in early May!

Sarah Das Gupta

I am a retired English teacher, 80 years young. I have taught in UK, Tanzania and India. I lived in India for many years and was married to an Indian journalist. I started writing in September, 2022 when an accident resulted in a long spell in hospital- I am re-learning how to walk! I was brought up in South of UK in a rural area. I inherited a knowledge and love of wild flowers from my father. This area is chalk downland, a habitat for a variety of wild flowers from daisies to wild orchids.