Wildflowers, Waiting

close up of foxglove on a field
We wait, each warming season
Linking arms, an unspoken promise
To surround the young
With wild sweets woven
Pink into the green grass,
A foxglove and violet world
Beyond the water.

This is the nursery that the
Moorhen chicks see -
Meadowsweet soft clouds, lullaby white
To black down wanderings,
Wildflowers the scattered, speckled universe
To eyes just opened
Close to the earth.

Before they learn fear, red coats
And whiskers - all the reasons
To hide,
They will know us - buttercup
Reflections, daisy decorations,
Yellow-dusted purple,
The gentle wild.

LJ Ireton

LJ is a poet and bookseller from London. She has a 1st Class B.A. Honours in English Language and Literature from The University of Liverpool. Her poems have been published by numerous journals including: Minnow Literary, Green Ink, The Madrigal, Noctivagant Press, Spellbinder Magazine, Drawn to the Light, Acropolis Journal, Mausoleum Press, Cerasus Magazine and The Amphibian Literary Journal. LJ’s poetry features in the Renard Press ‘Spectrum’ poetry anthology published in October 2022.