white dandelion under blue sky and white cloud


more than most

know alchemy: gold

spun from straw and seed

and leaden soil.

From yellow

to airy globe

dandelions transform, answer

the wish for wings. They say,

Use your breath.

focus your desire.

Let go!

They say,

Let open spaces receive our kin

over endless generations.

We will remain,

rooting deeper,

green as grass,

unseen, but still


Catherine Young

Catherine Young is author of the ecopoetry collection Geosmin. Her writing is published in literary anthologies and journals nationally and internationally. Catherine worked as a national park ranger, educator, farmer and mother, and she holds an MFA from the University of British Columbia. Rooted in farm life, Catherine lives with her family in Wisconsin where she is totally in love with meandering streams. She deeply believes in the use of story and art as tools for transforming the world. For more information, writings and podcasts, please visit http://www.catherineyoungwriter.com/