Glazed Maple Eyes – By Literary Owl Nature Writer, Eidan Miana

full moon
Oh, how I cherish your glazed maple eyes
I dive in their sweet invitation
Your temptation teasing my desire
Wisely spoiling me
 Yet cautiously halting overindulgence

How I envy for those glazed gifts
With that honeyed skin and tenderness
Graced with such an illustrious figure
I desperately extend for a comforting embrace
But met with the cruelty of your distance

You were always one to complain
About the weather, always too warm 
But on those perfect February nights that rang out 
The flawless chord of harmony
You would flow as surely as a river to the sea

The girls were jealous
Of how seductive and flirtatious you were
The boys were entranced
Of how hypnotic your body swayed in the wintery air
But only few could see, past the superficial

During that Maple Sugar Moon
When times were rough
I was hobbling, drowning in longing
But who else besides your kind heart
To rekindle the ember inside a dying soul

So now, as a reminisce of a time so dear
As the daylights push longer
And the starry skies stray further from reach
I’ll always remember the kindness that keeps me moving
From those Glazed Maple Eyes

Eidan Miana - Literary Owl Nature Writer 

Eidan Miana is an aspiring scholar, naturalist, and journalist from San Diego, CA. He passionately writes environmental poetry and short fiction, illustrating scenes from coastal sunsets to emerald forests. When off-campus, he can be found hiking the local trails and taking in the Socal sunshine. In addition to Tiny Seed, his work can be read at The Mustang Journal, a small, independent journal he founded with his schoolmates.