Daisy, Daisy, Daisy

white petaled flowers beside wooden fence

She blossoms like a daisy,
shouldering her way through
the thick-bodied blades to

bask her white petal arms
in the sun. In summer’s furious
heat she does not shrink but

thrives in blazing abundance.
Watch her while she
bathes in mid-day fire,

watch the roses wilt.
Her saffron heart feeds
flowers alike, bosom open

to the bees. Bring no envy
when you see her, bright,
and bold in beauty. No,

she flowers not for your
lusting, a blossom not blooming
to be plucked. She sprouts as

part of nature’s limb, destined
only to be loved by the sun.

Ellie Cameron

Ellie Cameron is a poet studying Creative Writing at Susquehanna University. She won Wild Onion’s Judge’s Choice for Best Creative Writing Written by a Patient in their 2021 issue and second place in the Perry County Council of the Arts annual Poetic Excellence competition. She enjoys reading, foraging, creating art, and spending time with her many cats.