We saw the asters
	growing in sporadic sun-spots
	yellow faces and light-blue tresses
	adoring this last warmth.
	We felt their resistance to let go
	to relinquish their inevitable
	return to a colder earth
	but for now
	as we are
	as we are.

Poem and Photograph by Carol Amato

My poetry has recently been published in the anthology, From the Farthest Shore (Bass River Press), Tiny Seed Journal, The Poet’s Touchstone (New Hampshire Poetry Society), Your Daily Poem, Poem Journal, and others. My poems were accepted in the 2020 and 2022 Mutual Muses Ekphrastic Exhibition sponsored by the Cape Cod Cultural Center. I am also a natural science educator and author of 11 nature books published by Barron’s Educational Series and John Wiley & Sons.