Dandelion Girl

overhead shot of a yellow dandelion flower

They call me weed

but I am flower

wild, again, again

I spring surprise

Demeter’s daughter

newborn windborn

I arise, plumes flying

defying the reaper’s cuts

triumphant against

the green despair of grass.

Mary Alice Dixon

Mary Alice Dixon lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she volunteers with hospice, grows tomatoes and shares her garden with eastern cottontails. She is a Pushcart nominee, Pinesong Poetry Award winner, and was shortlisted for the Anthology Poetry Competition 2022 Award. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, including Kakalak, Main Street Rag, North Dakota Quarterly, and Stonecoast Review. Mary Alice reads her poem October Hands at https://www.thefourthriver.com/o10-content/2021/4/2/october-hands. Her Bride of Wild is in The Petigru Review at https://thepetigrureview.com/mary-alice-dixon/.