queen anne s lace flowers in bloom
A poet said:
Look to the plants
and listen to what they
can teach you.

When the sun slapped its hot iron down
on the land, pressing every inch of moisture
from the soil, scorching grass and leaves,
I saw knots of green stitched on the yard.

Plantain and dandelion
spread their ragged skirts on the dry soil,
and hugged the thirsty ground.
Queen Anne threaded lace 
across the fabric of the field. 

Untended and unseen, they bloomed
and seeded the earth. 

Tenacity is the lesson.
In times of searing drought and longing,
hold fast to what grounds you,
hold fast to your own ways
of sending beauty into the world.

Linda Budan

Linda Budan is a retired research nurse who lives on an upland oak savannah wildlife habitat in Oregon's Willamette Valley. When not tending to the needs of the habitat or taking back road walks in the country, she writes micro memoir and poetry, practices art journaling, cooks from her garden, and tries to master a short selection of Piazzolla tangos for piano.