Trumpet Flower and the Hummingbird

Trumpet flower in the meadow lay,
with fragrant blooms so red and fair.
Oh buzzing bird with wings so swift.
Come visit me and spend some time.
As you flit and flutter through the air.
Rest awhile from your busy day.
I promise my nectar is so sublime,
my dear hummer, it is my gift.

Oh trumpet flower with bright calyx
with long petals so red and fair.
You are a sight I cannot miss.
I’ll stay awhile and flick my tongue,
Sipping up your gift for me.
I’ll carry your pollen on my beak,
and deliver to another just like thee.

The trumpet vine and humming bird
Together sharing in nature’s grace
Meeting in a meadow of bliss,
contributing in a lovely and beneficial embrace.

Poem by Daniel R Tardona

Now retired, Dan was a biologist with the National Park Service for 32 years. His focus now is on writing nature poems and short stories. He is also working on his first novel. Dan lives in Jacksonville with his cat Shilo.