Wildflower Memorial

purple cone flower in bloom
Wildflowers lovingly reside.
Upon my true love’s grave.
A cherished reminisce
of our walks in meadows
within the mountains
we joyously called home.

Baby’s breath,
so delicate and pure.
Purple cone flowers,
our favorite daisy.
Scarlet flax,
illumination of our love.

Wildflowers, reminders
of a love unquestioned,
reaffirmed each solemn visit.
Where love eternally sleeps.
There, I cry my tears.
For my heart’s anguish,
for touching memories.
forever enchanting.
A beautiful headstone.

Poem by Fred Appelhanz

Living in the country gives me many opportunities to immerse myself among Nature's wildflowers. Everywhere I constantly experience the beauty many ignore as they go about their day.