Hopes of the Wildflower

close up photo of hummingbird near flowers

When I grow up, I should like to be a butterfly
-is what I thought one day when a particularly
beautiful specimen flew by my meadow.
Delicate, patterned wings carry her wherever she wants to roam
on warm, lazy afternoon flights.
I have never seen the view from the west side
and I should like to.

When I grow up, I should like to be a rabbit
-is what I thought after I did not grow to be a butterfly.
How wonderful it would be to have a soft, fur coat
and legs to run and hop, hop, hop around.
Sometimes the mammals come in pairs or more and I watch
as they play and spring about, chasing each other round n round.
I think I would enjoy a good frolic.

When I grow up, I should like to be a hummingbird
-is what I thought when my hopes were once again dashed
and I remained unchanged.
The chirpy and spry creatures zip around fast
always on a mission and with a purpose.
Perhaps that is what is lacking in my own life and why I feel so.
Am I missing some ambition, calling, motivation?

Yes, I think a hummingbird would suit me just fine.

Poem by Maria Steve

Maria Steve, editor for 300 Days of Sun, is an English major at Nevada State College where she is further developing her passions for reading and creative writing in hopes of becoming a published author herself (provided her cats get off of her keyboard and allow her to do so).