Early Spring Biking the Lenape Trail

A green aura creeps into bushes. I inhale
          this in-between gap-time
flanked by fixed seasons, and resolve life
           is too slow to précis,
to enscribe, as youth, middle age, old.

I delight in space, a pause, an expectant
               airing –
like a fleeting smell of hanging sheets,
              or a night breeze
through open window telling of... whom?

Small white Canada Mayflowers at path’s edge
           tempt me to stop.
I see skunk cabbage sprouts and nearby honeysuckle –
          soon to perfume my rides –
and, in time, I’ll even come upon a fox and kits.

The business of the woods has only just begun.
          Expectant air bewitches.

Poem by Lavinia Kumar

Lavinia Kumar’s latest book is Spirited American Women: Early Writers, Artists, & Activists – very short prose biographies of near 90 amazing pre-Civil War women writers, poets, publishers, painters, artists, abolitionists, early suffragettes, and activists. She is author of 3 poetry books (most recent, No Longer Silent: the Silk and Iron of Women Scientists) and 4 chapbooks (most recent, Beauty. Salon. Art.; Desert Willow Press). Her website: laviniakumar.net