Dandelions Beyond the Cracks

white dandelion under blue sky and white cloud
Pushing through the cracks
Not aware of my upcoming challenges, 
But in my heart, I knew I was so talented
The overwhelming fear made me step back.

I’m not like the others
In a field or in a garden
I’m look over so often.

Above me is the beautiful blue sky
Below me is stillness
God is my only witness.

On this journey I’m going to embark 
Growing was my only start.
My roots didn’t give me much nourishment
So, I’m always searching for reassurance. 

The elements from the earth is all I need
With courage, faith, and determination, 
I will inspire an entire nation
To look beyond our backgrounds
To reach for the Sun
Believing you can be number one. 

My steams began to grow
My reflection started to show
Rising out of my element 
This is my true development. 


N.Mariah is an African American goddess that loves, loves. Her built up silence over the years is finally set to be released. From her short stories to her poems, she’s ready to tell her story. In hopes to inspire and educate black and brown girls and women everywhere.