Dancing embers in the Sky by Eidan Miana

silhouette of tree near body of water during golden hour

The burning sun brightens the awakening morning
The temperature steadily climbing
The foreshadowing of buzzing cicadas
That’s right, it’s summer

The wise canopy of emeralds to the east
Provide some relief to the unrelenting heat
Mix in the waltzing seabreeze to the west
And the Mother provides a perfect oasis

The vibrancy each vivid flower
Is highlighted and reinvigorated
Painting the coastal understory with lively hues
Ladybugs and butterflies soaking in their color

The tides ebb and flow
Cooling our friends in the sand
The coast calling and welcoming our presence
Let’s meander to the golden heaven

Sounds of the shore wash over our ears
As scents of the sea diffuse through the air
The stinging heat has been healed now
More friendly and welcoming

The sun is now setting for the day
Lazily floating down the horizon
The baby blue ceiling
Winds down to hues of burning passion

The quieting evening is upon us
With the last of the daylight hanging around
As we fall towards slumber And express our gratitude for our Mother

The canvas sparkled its last dance
Flashing its crimson and illustrious figure
We will never forget
Those dancing embers in the sky

Poem by Eidan Miana – Tiny Seed’s Literary Owl Nature Writer

Eidan Miana is an aspiring scholar, naturalist, and journalist from San Diego, CA. He passionately writes environmental poetry and short fiction, illustrating scenes from coastal sunsets to emerald forests. When off-campus, he can be found hiking the local trails and taking in the Socal sunshine. In addition to Tiny Seed, his work can be read at The Mustang Journal, a small, independent journal he founded with his schoolmates.