summer sorrow songs

orange flower field under clear blue sky

sing to the wind and
the grass will harmonize

flowers begin to cry out
over the wailing chorus
sharp blades sending
screams bouncing
like pinball in the woods
ending up in bark and twigs
stored, only released
by vicious crown fires
high decibel smoke and steam
a record spinning
too quickly

quietly contemplating
scratching lyrics out
with burnt branch ends
on salvaged strips of birch as
butterflies drink drops of sunlight
caught on lonely petals
supplied by silent bartenders
matching pitch with the droplets

my tears glisten
in the summer sun

Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson is currently a Senior at North Carolina State University in the United States. Thomas self-published a poetry collection centered on his experiences with suicidal thoughts and nature titled “growth” through Amazon when he was seventeen years old. In February 2020 he delivered a spoken-word poem at TEDx NCState which was shared to the official channel. His poem “afterparty” appeared in Issue 20 of Emerge Literary Journal. He received a first place prize for “The Big Mistake” and an honorable mention for “body parts” for the North Carolina Poetry Society’s Pinesong Awards. His poem “Portrait at 20” was selected for feature in “Portrait at 34”, an innovative photo booth art installation by Najja Moon to honor their late cousin Kaliah Aisha Moon and her poem “Portrait at 34”, as part of O, Miami Poetry Festival. His poem was printed for all who entered in 20 as their age.

my tears glisten
in the summer sun