Wild Oats

Not the one that looks like a weed
blowing seed to wind.
No, the showier one—
Uvularia sessilifolia, Bellwort,
Merry Bells.
One of the first wildflowers to pop up in spring.
Like a rambunctious kid
sweeping through winter’s debris
wherever whimsy leads it,
buttering the woods unabashed,
wielding frivolity into new spring green.

Pamela Ahlen

Pamela Ahlen organizes lectures and events for Osher (Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth) and has compiled the Anthology of Poets and Writers: Celebrating Twenty-Five Years at Dartmouth. She is the author of the chapbook Gather Every Little Thing (Finishing Line Press) and co-author (with Anne Bower) of the chapbook Getting it Down on Paper: Shaping a Friendship. (Orchard Street Press). She lives in rural Vermont where she shares her dirt road with the occasional bear.