Call of the Wind

black and white eagle flying
The woman had the strength of hawk, 
thick clay from the river bank in her feet. Her arms 
reached to the sky, powerful and purposeful, 
stretching out like wings 
while her heart flew high above
hovered for a moment 
felt the possibility 
of all that stirred below 
then returned to her body 
enlivened by light and wind’s gift of air. 
She traveled this way often 
to sense what could not be seen 
from earth: the wisdom of the wide-eyed view 
beyond her mind’s room 
of limits and limitations. 

Strengthened by the richness 
of the river’s smooth clay, 
her feet began to transform into talons 
with the power to sustain her, for she knew
that storms would come 
strip trees bare 
no place for her to land
gain perspective on prey— 
so she befriended the meadows, 
the marshes, the ponds, the sea.
Her heart dreamt of focused flights 
catching cod and carp 
snatching shad and salmon 
clenched claws giving way to bitter death
sweet survival. She looked up, 

saw the hairs on her arms lengthening
sprouting wasps of thin feathers 
that linked together forming  
oblong pins, streamlined for flight. 
She was readying for her evolution, 
beyond earth’s gravity,  
discover a path through boundless sky, 
what only her heart had seen and felt. 
The vast and restless wind above 
was calling her to a time 
when women soared as eagles 
sang out in open air 
found their place among trees 
along rivers, above meadows,
a time for her to nurture 
her fast beating heart
that knew all along 
she was meant
to fly. 

Roxanne Bogart

Roxanne E. Bogart is a wildlife biologist and writer, whose poems have appeared in The Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Burlington Poetry Journal, The Silkworm, and Poetry Quarterly. Her first full-length book of poetry is entitled All That Sustains, published by Off the Common Books. She is a member of the International League of Conservation Writers, the Academy of American Poets, Straw Dog Writers Guild, and the Florence Poets Society, and lives in Amherst, MA with her family. Visit to order her book.