Backyard Drama

a nuthatch attached on a tree bark
In my small backyard,

birds flit swiftly to and fro

through the trees and shrubs –

noble cardinals,

loud, piercing what what what what –

brilliant crimson crests

cheeky little wrens,

bringing treats to their small brood –

crickets, moths and worms

curious robins,

so very omnipresent –

spring early birds

upside-down nuthatch,

foraging under the bark,

quickly scaling trees

spiteful sparrows dive,

ambushing nests, pirate-like,

lording over wrens

bluebird happiness,

cavorting in the bird bath,

feathers shining bright

aggressive starlings,

with iridescent feathers –

big, loud, noisy flock

foraging flickers,

sharp beaks hammering the ground,

vivid spots and shafts

chick-a-dee zooming,

black-capped cuteness on display –

he’s checking me out

vocal gray titmice,

brisk peter peter peter –

repetitive peal

striking woodpeckers,

red-bellied and downy, barred –

tapping on my trees

a bright bluejay squawks,

disturbing my carefree peace

– he left a feather

fierce red-shoulderd hawk,

hunting prey with keen talons –

crying plaintively

bird song and drama

with my morning black coffee

on my patio.

- Mary Hammel