Gael’s Path

black and white eagle flying

Walk on a wintery day,

close sighting of a bald eagle

taking flight from a tree just over my head,

with slow, silent, strokes

of its powerful outstretched wings

and white fanned out tail feathers.

How could I know that

in only twelve more days,

Gael would ascend from this time,

spread her strong beautiful wings,

and fly across the sky

into the safe haven of forever.

M.C. Bumann

December 13, 2022

Since childhood, birds have fascinated me; watching them, listening to their songs lulling me to sleep at night and waking me in the morning. In my adult life, still fascinated, I have come to admire them, they work so hard; mating, nesting, feeding and releasing their young. I view the presence of birds in the world as an everyday miracle, always reminding me that all living beings are connected, and we all belong to each other.