Winged Mystics

black hawk soaring
Whisper winged mystics-
riddles of ancient journeys.
Expose simple, beautiful truths.
Baffling men, rich or poor.

Travelling invisible currents-
tumultuous, yet soothingly calm.
Recite glorious, magical stories,
tales of generational flights.
Capturing in a minute moment
the spirit of forever’s breath.

Journey onward, ceaseless migraters,
caress mountains, lands, and seas.
Your mysterious energy blossoms,
dispersed in clouds of enlightenment.

Soar with countless wings,
discover the magnificence of Earth.
Carry-on intrepid spirits
driven and adventurous.
Experiences of seasons exist,
cradled in your timeless freedom.

Fred C. Appelhanz 

Fred C. Appelhanz loves the spectacle of Nature. Whether in minute beauty or the magnificence of its thunderous power. Everyday he is thankful to be able to listen to the birds and see multiple forms of wildlife. His adventure continues with a strong belief that there are many experiences in his future that will be welcomed and admired.