A Lion’s Roar

The guttural, rumbling sound 
of one jet vibrates my car windshield, 
and I feel like a trapped animal 
in the face of a lion’s roar. 
The Blue Angels are tearing 
through the October sky. 

As I near home, 
two large blackbirds 
hover silently above. 
I imagine they escaped 
from the painting 
“Wheatfield With Crows.” 

They saw Van Gogh 
when his ginger hair and beard 
had become a shrunken mane, 
but his feverish brush 
still captured shadows and light 
and caressed wild wings in flight 
while he stood in the heart 
of a swaying crowd of yellowish gold. 

Poem by Patricia Cannon
Artwork by Autumn Foote

Patricia Cannon is a Registered Nurse. She has worked in cardiac critical care, neurointensive care, hemeoncology, school nursing, and currently, in research. Her passion is her faith, photography, and the written word in all its forms. The first version of “A Lion’s Roar” was published in Maya’s Micros and “Under the Rainbow” appeared on the Poet’s Choice Youtube channel. It has resurfaced with some changes.

Autumn Foote is a casual self-taught artist, with a lot of life ahead of her to learn from. She does work as an IHSS worker, and for a couple friends. She loves reading and art, and she’s got a goal to put her faith first in her life.