The Return of the Flying Circus

The season is here for your return,
To fill the air with your chaotic circus,
Hypnotising with every twist and turn,
Between the trees and clouds' surface.
I wait for this day, every cycle eagerly,
The bluebells of woods begin to gush,
Lately you have been arriving late and leaving early,
Leaving your mark like the paint of a brush.
Emigrating to and fro from the shores of another land,
The temperature changes and you take flight,
From this greenery to the climate of dry sand,
Your screeching call fades into the night.
So if there's one thing that gives me hope, it's spring.
Starting with the swift’s return and all it will bring.

Megan Layley

This Poem is inspired by my favourite bird , the swift. Underrated I think, most people prefer the house martin or other birds that are much more colourful. However for me the simplicity of the swift with no complicated fancy colours just allows you to capture the beauty of their flight patterns. Swifts coming back to the UK is a symbol of better things to come, it never fails to make me smile year after year when I see them swooping, twisting and turning every year above my home.