cute fluffy goldfinch
This is a day 
brilliant and merry 
as a goldfinch swinging 
on the stem of a rosy 
How will we 
spend this singular 
day, you and I
		together for
one crisp day, 
when we bow 
to the sun, 
laden with seeds,
when we shine
like the flash
of golden wings.

K.L. Johnston

K.L. Johnston received her degree in English and Communications from the University of South Carolina. Her poetry has appeared in magazines and anthologies since the 1970s. She is also the author of a 2020 photo illustrated book of meditations, In Every Season. Her poetry explores the connections of humanity with the physical, spiritual, and liminal places she has stumbled into in her travels and in her own back yard. Currently retired from a stint as an antiques and art dealer, she uses her unstructured time to indulge her curiosity about places and people. You can follow her on Facebook at “A Written World”.