The Three Sisters

picture of pumpkins
Our mother conceived three sisters at the onset
Of the first spring
She named them Carina, Bella, and Stella
All were kind, sweet, and lived harmoniously together

Carina was the eldest child
She was quite energetic
Always was one for the spotlight
Lively, yet mindful and a role model for the others

Carina knows she has to set a good example
For her little sisters
She blooms into a sturdy stalk
For others to comfortably confide in and rely upon

Bella was the middle child
She wasn’t as active as her older sister
But still soaked in the early spring sun
Lovingly embracing Carina in the crisp air

She was daring, and freshened up her look
In her adolescent years
She graciously wraps herself into a curvy figure
Her sweet sister Carina steadily supporting her

The youngest was Stella
Stella was one to always take in each moment
She took her time sprouting into the spotlight
And decided to trailblaze a whole new path

Rather than focusing on the tall, illustrious figures
Like her older sisters
She spread out along the fertile soil
She protects her family, loyal and true

All the sisters are grateful and generous
They give each other their gifts
Reciprocating love and togetherness
Not one is above the other

Through their harmony you see the Mother’s love
Each embrace through the tough, rainy nights
Each friend like firewood to the ember of loving
They sustain each other, and the world around them

So even now, as Carina, Bella, and Stella
Start their own gentle families
They make sure to pass on the teachings of reciprocity
And looking out for family

They preach of love and kindness
And to treat each other with empathy
Their garden, one humming lullaby
Bringing the land tranquility and gracious respite

Eidan Miana - Tiny Seed Journal's Literary Owl Intern

Eidan Miana is an aspiring scholar, naturalist, and journalist from San Diego, CA. He passionately writes environmental poetry and short fiction, illustrating scenes from coastal sunsets to emerald forests. When off-campus, he can be found hiking the local trails and taking in the Socal sunshine. In addition to Tiny Seed, his work can be read at The Mustang Journal, a small, independent journal he founded with his schoolmates. 

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