Rock On

my mountain is close enough
to watch her dance a fandango
with the rising sun.
She, with firmly embedded
elephantine feet uses the wind
to swirl her skirts
to the Spanish rhythms.

blanched against the hot sky,
heavy, languorous,
leaning into herself
she is still, the music quiet, classic guitar,
each string plucked individually.
She listens;
waits for a breeze to rustle against her flank
to move a hip ever so slowly,
the feminine thrust of this monumental lady.

with the setting sun
blazing above her distant sisters.
The sky explodes;
color splashes her, deepens her shadows.
She absorbs amethyst clouds, is draped in royal purple,
puts on her makeup for a night under the stars,
to salsa, to rock on, to dance
in the dark
Oye Mi Amor.


Poem by Charlene Moskal


I am a member of a vibrant arts community in Las Vegas, Nevada where I am a Teaching Artist with The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and a Fellow of the New Jersey Writing Project. For three decades prior to moving to Las Vegas, I taught art, speech, and theater at the secondary level in public schools in Brownsville, Texas. I have been a visual artist, a performer, a voice for NPR’s Theme and Variations and always, a writer. I am published in numerous anthologies, magazines, e-zines, including, “The Esthetic Apostle”, “Multibilis”, “Dash”, “Chaleur Journal”, ”Helen” and “The Raven’s Perch”. My poetry chapbook, “One Bare Foot” has recently been released by Zeitgeist Press.