I Am Willow

I am Willow.
You are my voice.
You know me well.
Deep roots nourish me
to the very tips of my branches.
Waters flowing within
support my suppleness.

My swaying movement enlivens the air
with the play of light and shadow.
Many sit beneath me and are refreshed.
Birds alight and sing
as they dance from branch to branch.

My response to wind and breezes
is effortless and joyful.
Any broken branches let go
without resistance.
I drop my leaves
when the sun announces it is time.

Like clockwork,
I usher in the arrival of new life
through my green shoots.
I am a placeholder for strength,
beauty and softness.
When you imitate my essence,
we are at one.

Poem by Denise T. Barry


Denise has always been inspired by Nature. She finds joy in expressing this through her writing. The willow in the photo faces her while she sits at her writing desk. She has also enjoyed practicing/teaching Tai Chi, the art of imitating Nature, for over 38 years.