Frigid inhalations taper

Winter’s sugar frost fades

Damp brittle garden limbs

Jobless stalks retire

Prickly framework of coneflowers, phlox and Russian sage


Light’s shifting angles

Sun blades fold in crevices

Numb soil revived to thawed readiness

March’s generous lungs

Brings unexpected warmth


Sawdust leaves, splintered underpinning

Squat on unfurling patches of inaugural crocus

Iridescent pea-green tips of forsythia

Fall bulbs confined preserve hidden promises

Daffodils sprout day by day


Staying on course unconditionally

Recasting itself thoroughly

Unfazed the garden works

Even when none are looking


-Susan Dashiell


Susan Dashiell is a middle school teacher living in Bloomfield, NJ who enjoys gardening, collaging and writing. Her stories have appeared in Burnt Pine Magazine, The Seventh Wave and The Write Launch, among others.