Eastertide’s Taint

Bijou buds soon to bloom damp blossoms,

stinking of pink productive perfume scent.

taffy, gravity of static passions

made dynamic as the worlds we’ve dreamt.


Beckons she does, with arrays of nosegay

hues that imbue Earth’s being-to renew.

Sucked down the stream, Boreas melts away,

subject to Persephone’s warm purview.


As Earth and Sky again conjoin as one

Immutable vigor, bodies evolve

and branches embrace the violent sun,

in beating heat and worlding unresolved.


Fallen again into Eastertide’s taint,

we rise from dirt’s depths to countryscapes quaint.


-Jordan Swain

A small valley between the Great Salt Lake and Wasatch Mountains, I call home. The majority of my life has been occupied by that thing we call Being, and how it relates to, or is integrated into us as part of Nature. I have an Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Ecology, a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development, and currently practice as an Urban Planner. My work strives to identify the nexus that exists between Urban and Natural Landscapes, and suggests that Human Being exists within this space.