Hinkley Brook in Winter, Grafton, Vermont

Over and under, it flows beneath

jagged glass panes, transparent

or opaque, muffled rush of water

over rocks downstream.


A porch, in winter, wraps around the house

like a scarf around a warm throat,

chimes make sonnets of the wind chill,

church bells of sunshine,

content as the green and brown

on birch and evergreen

The red and brown, yellow pebbles

turn blue dark in cold dusk.

among the sheets of snow,

apertures into focus the

constant clear that this moment

will go on to another.

A pane of glass I skim from the surface

thaws in my fingers.


I pick up a rounded stone,

time smoothed over.

I, a mere ornament, will pass through

like this shallow water

and when I am gone,

the brook will babble on

in a thousand different tongues,

over stone and hill.


-Jessica G. Simon

Jessica G. Simon wrote her first poem when she was seven-years-old. After competing on the 2001 D.C. National Youth Poetry Slam Team, she began to perform her poems as well as study, write and edit original work. Her poems have been published in Moment Magazine, Magnolia: A Journal of Women’s Socially Engaged Literature, Vol. II, Edge, Vol. 9 and Stoked Words: An Anthology of Queer Poetry from the Capturing Fire Slam and Summit.