Where You’ve Gone

*after Ada Limon

Confession: I did not want to live here,
not among the white pine, Indian Paint Brush,
or the poplars, not waist-high in the lily pads
that frame the bay, not with turkey hunters
and ice-fisherman, nor the purple winds
that bring down trees. Not even with the call
of loons, the scream of eagles
as they soar above our red roof
that, like a flag, calls out the name of my new
country. I denied it, this land. But love,
I’ll concede this: I’m here with you among
the black bear and Northern Lights
and white tailed deer our city friends point to
when they wonder where it is we’ve gone.

~Janice S Fuller

I am a poet who lives and writes in the desert of Tucson and on a lake in Wisconsin. I have degrees in English and Communication Disorders; spent my career as a speech pathologist. My poems have been published in From the Depths, Gyroscope Review, The Heartland Review, and The Remembered Arts Journal among others.