Tree Dance

Tree glistening
in wet
soft breeze
glittering leaves
rejoicing in rain
and summer’s day.

-Duane Herrmann

Duane L. Herrmann, internationally published, award-winning poet and historian, has held a variety of teaching and other positions, now retired. His history and poetry have won awards and are translated into several languages. His sci fi novel: Escape from Earth, has just been published. His full-length collections of poetry are: Prairies of Possibilities, Ichnographical: 173, and Praise the King of Glory. His poetry has received the Robert Hayden Poetry Fellowship, inclusion in American Poets of the 1990s, the Map of Kansas Literature (website), Kansas Poets Trail and others. His history, By Thy Strengthening Grace, received the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award in 2007. Collections of short stories and historical articles are forthcoming. These accomplishments defy his traumatic childhood embellished by dyslexia, ADD and, now, PTSD.

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