The Pull

Sleeping beneath
open skies, touched
by waves of wind
so crisp and cool that the
bugs have long left and
all you can do is pull
the next long breath of it
to take another taste,
knowing you’re lucky to be here
beneath new moon skies so clear
that you can almost peep
the heavens, illuminated by
the stars you
almost never see.

-Josh Nicolaisen

Josh Nicolaisen has taught English in both public and private schools for more than ten years. He spends summers as a Caretaker on Squam Lake’s historic Chocorua (Church) Island and lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Sara, and their daughters, Grace and Azalea. Josh’s poems have recently appeared in Writers Resist, The Poets of New England: Volume 1 (Underground Writers Association), and Indolent Books’ online project, What Rough Beast.



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