Listening to the Trees

Companions over time and place,
old friends each,
have the power of personal presence
that speaks of holding space
for timeless beauty’s gifts.

Deep roots transform earth’s soil and minerals
into expressions of vitality,
nourishing growth of wondrous branches,
emerging from within
to create sustenance and shelter without.

These great beings
stand tall, see far, and know
what I need to hear.
When their silence speaks,
I listen with care.

They transmit the ancient wisdom
learned from their harmonious
companionship with sun,
clouds, rain, wind and earth.

They inspire with clear messages
of peace, truth, strength and grace,
joy, beauty, trust, equanimity and more.

Enlivened by their essence,
I breathe in their loving guidance
and it becomes part of who I am.

I convey my heartfelt gratitude
to them,
And share their gifts
with you.

– Denise T. Barry


Denise Therese Barry and her husband Bill live in rural Shelburne, MA surrounded by beautiful trees, including willow, birch, magnolia, maples and the nearby apple orchards. She enjoys observing and learning from Nature and this inspires her writing. She has been sharing her love for Tai Chi with students of all ages since 1986.