originally published in Pasque Petals


All is an ocean

Gusting currents

Ashen trees like

thermal vents

billowing sulfurous stuff.


Each thing its equal and


Each leaf its ripple

Each beat its



I drift amongst the ashen trees

I wonder at their awesome spires

like billowing vents

I feel their communion their

esprit de corps.


King Crimson

teach me to love all things

the sticky green leaves

I prostrate myself to receive

your communion.


I weep from the earth

my wicked usury

I am guilty before all things.


The canna blooms red

The current flows still

Submerged, I drink this bounty

Feudal underroots,



-Adam Schechter


Adam Schechter grew up in South Dakota and earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Viola Performance from Indiana University. He currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, where he is pursuing a Master of Music degree in Viola Performance at McGill University.