in that way we are the same

Black bird with red wings
yellow-tipped feathers like
a funny knit hat with a golden bell. He
breathes in the October morning,
breathes out his song.

The notes catch on the frozen air,
melody aglow in misty sun.
I am in my old puffer coat. Cotton threads
worm out of one pocket.

I breathe, too,
and in that way we are the same.
He with his red wings,
I with my red notebook,
which let us fly the same.

I wonder—
Do his pointed toes mind the iced branch?
Does he know his sharp beak is a clarinet?
Will we find what we are looking for?

-Jay Audrey

Jay Audrey is a contemporary young adult novelist currently represented by John Rudolph at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret seeking publication of my first novel, which centers on drag queens. I’m a passionate activist who tries not to be too exhausted by the state of the world, and I want to make my voice and voices like mine heard. I have been published in various literary magazines, including Sink Hollow and Awakened Voices.