Her Trees

(A tribute to Emily Carr)


Wind-kissed elegance

Reaching, resisting breakage

Rain stoked courage


Screaming shades of green

against impossible blue.

Sun-fueled persistence


Confident wisdom

Pointing elders, sapling roots

suckling, holding fast


Bold untamed feeling

dripping crystalline tears of

sadness, ardor, and joy


Brush stroking canvas

Feminine spirit revealed

Emily’s lively grin


-Josephine Pino


Josephine Pino is a scientist by diploma, educator by heart, and writer by nature. She enjoys the intersections between all things that intersect, and frequently writes about trees. She has published poems in Cathexis NW, High Shelf Press, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, and Raw Art Review.


**painting by Emily Carr – used with permission from the Art History Archive. 


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