Deeply Rooted

From generation to the next it shall pass;
a sanctuary in the woods for kin.
Where trees stand like monuments in the grass,
and where hardships and sacrifice grow thin.

A testament to nature’s bounty,
men descend with the bucket and the spile.
You’ll find them near a grand maple tree;
Vigorous work but joyful all the while.

When sun shines warm, the trees give nature’s gift.
Boiled down at the hands of men so sweet.
With beer and stories into night they drift;
a liquid amber like no other treat.

The relationship is rooted deep you’ll see
between these kinsmen and their maple tree.

-Kathryn Kass

Kathryn Kass grew up in Elmhurst, IL and now resides at the edge of the world in Hancock, MI near the shores of Lake Superior. By day she works as a Physician Assistant and by night spends her time doctoring sentences.