Dandelion Seed

black speck suspended below a wisp of white
floating down    an end to its inevitable journey

this seed made by a willing blossom’s death
holds hope of a new flower   to carry

the bent but unbroken eternal wish
recreate the being it once was

such a small thing to harbor such hope

it lands on a bare patch of sandy soil
not knowing this place can’t make life

how long will it wait for a saving wind
before it knows time has ended

Poem By Allen Plone

Allen Plone makes his living in the film and television industry as a writer and director. He holds a Master’s Degree, Comp.Lit/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and a PhD. History of Consciousness from the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he taught Philosophy and Creative Writing for 7 years. He also taught at San Jose State University and San Francisco State University. He taught screenwriting at University of Southern California, in their Graduate Writers Program while working as a full-time writer/director.

Allen’s passion is and has always been poetry and children’s stories. He’s combined the two in five of the children’s books he’s written; they’re all in rhymed couplets. He has published many poems in such journals as: Light Journal of Poetry and Photography, Moon Journal of Poetry, BTS Journal, The Sea Letter Journal, Celidah: A Journal of Poetry and others. He has also published several short stories, including “The Cowboy of My Heart,” which won the Rosebud Best Short Story award . He’s had three books of poetry published; Have We Met, More Than Song, and Family Matters.

A Vegan, Allen is a strong advocate for animals, believing that we need to be compassionate to all living beings. He volunteers at animal shelters and, marrying his belief that the way we build a better society is through showing children the power of compassion through poetry and stories, he spends time reading to them at schools and libraries.

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