Wildflower Honey

What if I gathered the sweetest
Moments of my life
Like bees gather pollen
From the wildflowers
Of the field?

Stopping to drink in the nectar
Of the offered gift
Free, fragrant

And spun it into
A smooth amber liquid
A balm of healing
Sustenance, hidden like combs
Deep within my soul.

Accessed and smoked-out,
Calming and oozing over the pain,
The moments of darkness.

And taste the survival
Of the journeys to and fro,
Drifting into the haze of peace
At harvest time.

By Carmen Brown

Carmen L. Brown is a community college English professor living in East Tennessee. Her work has been published in the The Penwood Review. Voice of Eve, Abbey of the Arts, and Academic Exchange Journal.

See more of Carmen’s work here: almightyalchemy.wordpress.com


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