Hummingbird, Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom, splashes of green, red, blue and purple
The spout stretches to suck the juice of a red mandevilla in the sunlit bundle of bushes

Soaring faster than any other bird
Wings that sway to and fro a thousand times a minute

Zoom Zoom, went the hummingbird on the summer solstice
A delight to behold in a kaleidoscope of movements, twists and turns

So quick to catch the beauty aroused by scent of red red roses
The rain brings their wee bodies to the center of the orchid

Zoom Zoom, The hummingbird catches me eye to eye
It gazes at me like a soul in dreamland, it knows who I am

A soul of magical moments caught in space and time
Zoom Zoom, the immortal hummingbird takes flight into the oak tree that has waiting arms

Zoom Zoom….

By Kathleen Nicosia

Kathleen Nicosia resides in Rocky Point, Long Island. She lives with her husband Eric and their two sweet cats, Ziggy and Pearl. As a school social worker, she used poetry in working with special education students for thirty years. Now retired, she continues to write and speak publicly. She has been published on Tiny Seed Journal with “My Prayer.”