The Bee

hovers beside me, whispering in my ear.
He is large and comes close because he
has something important to say.
He says “all is good”. I ask how he knows
this. And he says the whole earth knows this.
And I realize I am talking to a bee. I hear
the wind and the trees and the earth below me.
They are all saying the same thing. Humans
are here for a short while. Almost like a disease
that devours everything in sight. But not forever.
The earth will go back to just being. And I know
the bee is right. And I am not afraid. It just is.

-Gayle Augenbaum

Gayle Augenbaum is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist who practices in a small town in Northern Westchester. She is now enrolled at the Hudson Valley Writer’s Institute in Sleepy Hollow, NY. She has published poetry in Right Hand Pointing, January 2020.