Samara Triolet

The maple lets go of winged seeds
Resin lets it perch on her nose
These silly yet sacrosanct deeds
The maple lets go of winged seeds
She jumps in leaf piles and reads
Diving into pearlescent prose
Resin lets it perch on her nose
The maple lets go of winged seeds.

Poem by Lynne Bermont


Since completing my Ph.D. in French from Yale, where I wrote a dissertation Surrealist poetry, I have been teaching and translating French for over twenty years. Since 2008, I have also been giving museum lectures on French poets and painters in the NYU Writers in Paris MFA program.

I have published pedagogical work on West African French mythology, women in the French Resistance, and a forthcoming history of Alexandre Dumas, racial identity and French Romanticism. I was awarded a second prize for a children’s story in rhyme in a Harper Collins competition and had three poems in Periphery, a publication of the Harvard Divinity School.

In 2013, I was selected to participate in a master class led by Lynn Emanuel at Poets House in and I have since participated in several workshops led by Molly Peacock and Alicia Ostriker.

Having been awarded the 2020 Robert and Ina Caro Biography Fellowship, I am currently researching the story of a woman who was part of the Surrealist movement and the French Resistance.