Candle Bee

limited perception of what’s going on
but it looks like tracks of pollen in my mind
leading me like footprinted breadcrumbs
that could lead anywhere, be anyone, show your light
and I see you
I light a scented candle, upset the hierarchy,
ascension to an altar
praising altered favorites, smells like a service
but beeswax has a scent
a different scent, but I don’t refuse to carry it in to the enclave
that brings me refuge, close to a feeling long ago
ancient strolls
it sent me for a pleasant afternoon,
away from talk of dead sea scrolls
maybe new reasons for a change
when seasons change in me
I wonder how the air can change.
but now the air reveals to me
that all of it was always there
only differently I smell it now
or it is different where I stand.
I cannot be certain
that i see it
was ever different
than the stony fog, clear brisk autumn,
slippery walk, and scorching foothills
that I know lie right outside this
window, glass,
So I lean in and smell it one more time before I’m nudged:
“let’s get going honey – the kids are buzzing around for lunch”
Mmm, honey.

-Sam Kaspar

I most enjoy crafting around a hopefully memorable core which formed the initial reason I felt it was worth writing in the first place. Ultimately, even brilliant ideas will have their beauty obscured, if they can’t be expressed with intelligent eloquence – hence poetry.

Being of Lebanese heritage, and having lived in Canada and the US, I’ve been glad to experience many different perspectives. Other wonderful opportunities of insight have come my way through my career in medicine, extensive years of rowing races, traveling, raising a family, studying in many different universities, teaching, and self study through my inherently meditative nature.

My poetry, prose, and photography has appeared or is forthcoming in Vallum, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Burnt Pine Magazine, Wingless Dreamer, Tower, and others.

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