Evolution of Them

after a minor eternity looking up into the tree
they’re still nibbling overripe ground fruit

finally they’re reaching up into the tree
groping its pristine offspring

unable to contain their senses
they’re shinnying up the trunk like wood eels

in a quest for more encounters
they’re passing the fruit by
going hand over hand through the branches

they’re waving from the top

with a hand and foot in mid air
they’re swaying in the breeze

hopping across clouds
hovering over the whole orchard
the full watershed
the entire continent

they’re break-dancing on some barren star
squinting back at their planet

almost motionless
acting out a somber opera
about their teeth
entering the fabled flesh
of a nectarine

By Climbing Sun

Climbing Sun is a world and inner traveler, body-surfer, engineer, teacher, and poet born in Michigan, raised in Ohio, and educated in Florida, who continues to design structures in South Florida and California where he was based for four decades. He has taught poetry in elementary and junior high schools. He is the author of two chapbooks and a novel. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from the University of Florida and maintains a poetry blog. www.climbingsun.com