the bumblebee backache

it’s the sacrum and the erector spinae muscle

can the sky deliver relief?

can a bee find pollen?

sweet summer of yellow flower sun

cold – hot, cold – hot …what will it be?

my nerves can’t

submit to the sounds

ice baby blue buzz

the orchestra makes my hips swivel and somehow

movement gives…a hum

Poem by Cathy Fedoruk

Cathy Fedoruk ( ) is a mother, traveler, NYU alumna, and beagle-lover. Her work (writing and/or photography) has appeared in Dovetail, Montecristo,, Pique Magazine, and Westlake Malibu Lifestyle. “Annie’s Rings”, a short story, is included in the anthology, “Before They Were Our Mothers: Voices of Women Born Before Rosie Started Riveting”, edited by Patricia A. Nugent.