Fancy new hat

Rosé hour in the glen.
A circle of anxious
squishy women wait.
It’s time for my cap fitting.
Mother rag
skin butter fresh
adjusts her white cap
adorned with red specks.
She is revered among
my snowy head family;
they are fresh cream from a cow
white and she is
I am shivering
glancing at myself
in pond glass.
Old shroom ladies
sort through dainty caps.
I hate their spotless
cushions hats.
Behind a rock
a splash of something new
pokes out. It is muggy sunset
red. Sailor doom crimson.
I crown myself a poison girl.

-Jessica Scirocco

Jessica Scirocco (American, b. May 9, 1997) was born in Ridgewood, NJ and grew up in Hawthorne, NJ. She graduated with honors from William Paterson University in Spring 2020, earning a BA in Art Studio with a minor in Creative Writing.
Jessica Scirocco is a writer, painter, and designer whose work is playful, lush and intricate. She can find a story in simple acts like cleaning dishes, going for a walk in the forest and picking flowers. She believes finding beauty in peculiar things is where everyday magic can occur. She has been published in Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Plants & Poetry Journal and Ariel Publishing LLC.