Sea’s Love-Song to the Wind

Photography of waves crashing

you swirl
my heart-beats
in wild, roaring

waves – each rush hurls spume’s
white froth against my shore, throws
bright mist, spins it high, I flow
back to rise, rise, rise.

Your tender moods, Breeze,
float perfume of brine, fin, shell.
Human hearts fill: my joy-swells
reach deep wells. Listen –

seagulls cry, call, mew,
sail you, soar and ride, wind-rove –
you are home to them, Wind. Love
wings over me – sings.

Hear children laugh –
splash sea-love.
Sea loves


By Johanna Caton, O.S.B. (Through the Eyes of Nature – 1st place winner)


Johanna Caton, O.S.B. is a Benedictine nun of Minster Abbey in England, but she was born in the United States and lived there until adulthood, when her religious vocation took her to the United Kingdom. She writes poetry as a way of understanding and celebrating the presence of God in her life. Creation often speaks to her of the love of the creator, and she reflects on this in many of her poems. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Christian Century, The Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Windhover, The Catholic Poetry Room website, and other print and online venues. She does not have a personal website, but links to some of her published poems follow: