Bird cross pigeon stone

Your shadow discovered my shadow

on the wall of the boundary,

and then on the black-sooted iron gate

that was meant to be padlocked,

we found out a way to jump that gate.

To learn to come back from death

is not something  understood; it happens on its own –

survival. The beetle clutches on to a

straw in water. And then one day the pigeon

learns to let go of all fears and fly


We held on to the raindrops after the mighty

drought had made us skin and bones.

Some things are ordained by the vicissitudes

of time. Plants adapt to lean on each other.

Science cannot answer all of life’s happenings.

The moon will go through different phases –

waxing and waning; yet its changing phases

are the constant we hold on to for all our life


What would shadows know about each other?

They wait forever to discover their souls

The mighty drought could not decimate our roots

hidden under the soil from years of suffering

We were plants; we learnt to survive!


Poem by Avijeet Das


Avijeet Rabindranath Das is a poet, writer, and wanderer. His debut poetry book “A Handful of Shiulis” was published by Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York in September, 2017. He made it to the Wild Card Number – 6 long list in the Saboteur Awards UK in 2018. An art film “Muse” infusing his poetry with the digital artistry of Harvard University Visiting Artist, Carla Ciuffo, received applause in film festivals in 2018. His poetry amalgamating with the photography of Vanessa Thomas featured in “Worth 1000 Words Art Exhibition” in Bankhead Theater, California, in 2019.
Apart from writing, he loves teaching bright and young minds to achieve their dreams and goals in life.